emmi®-pet 2.0 Care Set


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"emmi®-pet 2.0 Care Set"

See how our emmi®-pet Care works.

The emmi®-pet coat care set 2.0 can do this!

Secure the 2nd generation of the emmi®-pet ultrasonic care set for your pet now!
Thanks to an improvement on  the ultrasonic frequency, the 2nd generation of the emmi®-pet ultrasonic grooming device has a much better effect on the skin and teeth. This leads to an even better cleaning result than with your predecessor of the 1st generation.

But what does the "improvement of the ultrasonic frequency" mean?

The ultrasound is transported to the area to be treated (skin/skin or teeth) by the frequency rate. By increasing this frequency rate, the ultrasonic is therefore transported more evenly to the affected area. Conversely, this leads to an improved cleaning result and makes the upgrade to the emmi®-pet care set 2.0 so effective.


Treat your coat with ultrasonic technology now!

The emmi®-dent ultrasonic technology has proven to be very efficient in cleaning people's teeth for years. The development of our emmi®-pet was focused on these positive characteristics, which are specially adapted to the needs of animals.

Treat inflammations caused by ticks, for example, even with ultrasonic! Your quadruped will thank you for it. Our emmi®-pet care set 2.0 will convince you with its soft and healthy coat.

We have further developed our 2nd generation of the emmi®-pet to offer you even better functionality and user-friendliness.

New features of the emmi®-pet 2.0 :

  • - Adaptation of the ultrasonic frequenc for improved cleaning results
  • - Improved effect on skin and teeth
  • - Energy saving function - automatic switch-off after 6 minutes.
  • - Charge indicator light now light blue. When the emmi®-pet is fully charged, the charging indicator light goes out.
  • - Attachment detection - The emmi®-pet cannot be switched on without an attachment. It also switches off if the attachment is removed during operation. This ensures that the device cannot be charged when switched on without the attachment.

All about our HOCL hydrogel:


  • - Effective against bacteria, viruses and fungi
  • - Painless application
  • - Free from antibiotics
  • - Without alcohol
  • - Very well tolerated by the skin
  • - pH neutral
  • - Without colorants and fragrances
  • - No known resistances or contraindications
  • - Harmless when taken orally

Take advantage of the blood circulation-promoting and anti-inflammatory effect of ultrasonic and optimise the synergy potential of our emmi®-pet in combination with the emmi®-pet hydrogel for cleaning and disinfecting skin and wounds.

Application skin & wounds:

  • - Expose affected areas
  • - Targeted application of emmi®-pet hydrogel
  • - Place the emmi®-pet Care 2.0 ultrasonic attachment on the emmi®-pet handpiece, moisten with water and hold the switched-on device on it
  • - Repeat application several times a day

Application Hoof:

  • - Carefully clean affected areas with a hoof scraper
  • - Spray hoof and frog generously with hydrogel
  • - Place the emmi®-pet Care 2.0 ultrasonic attachment on the emmi®-pet handpiece, moisten with water and hold the switched-on device on it
  • - Repeat application several times a day

Further recommendations for use:
Ideal for combined use with emmi®pet solution: Before applying the hydrogel, the affected areas are optimally cleaned by flushing generously with emmi®pet solution.

The emmi®-pet has been certified as an animal welfare-friendly product by the "Expert body for animal welfare and animal husbandry" (FTT) in Austria.

emmi®-pet - Patented ultrasonic technology.


  • 1x emmi®-pet Handteil der 2. Generation
  • 1x emmi® 100-240 V Ladestation
  • 1x emmi®-pet Care P2 Ultraschall Aufsätze (2 Stück pro Verpackung)
  • 1x emmi®-pet HOCL Hydrogel - 75ml

Inhaltsstoffe des Hydrogel:

  • Aktives Chlor freigesetzt aus Hypochloriger Säure <0,1% (w/v)
  • Wasser
  • LiMgNa-Silikat (nano)
  • Natriumchlorid

Richtiges Aufsetzen der Ultraschall-Aufsätze für eine optimale Ultraschallübertragung!


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