emmi®-pet 2.0 Care Set

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    • Easy to use
    • Removes organic debris that can cause infections
    • Facilitates wound healing and recovery
    • Balances the local microflora by integrating healthy bacteria into the affected environment
    • Prevents infections
    • True innovation - scientifically proven



More information about the product

"emmi®-pet 2.0 Care Set"

See how our emmi®-pet Care works.

The emmi®-pet coat care set 2.0 can do this!

Secure the 2nd generation of the emmi®-pet ultrasonic care set for your pet now!
Thanks to an improvement on  the ultrasonic frequency, the 2nd generation of the emmi®-pet ultrasonic grooming device has a much better effect on the skin and teeth. This leads to an even better cleaning result than with your predecessor of the 1st generation.

But what does the "improvement of the ultrasonic frequency" mean?

The ultrasound is transported to the area to be treated (skin/skin or teeth) by the frequency rate. By increasing this frequency rate, the ultrasonic is therefore transported more evenly to the affected area. Conversely, this leads to an improved cleaning result and makes the upgrade to the emmi®-pet care set 2.0 so effective.


Treat your coat with ultrasonic technology now!

The emmi®-dent ultrasonic technology has proven to be very efficient in cleaning people's teeth for years. The development of our emmi®-pet was focused on these positive characteristics, which are specially adapted to the needs of animals.

Treat inflammations caused by ticks, for example, even with ultrasonic! Your quadruped will thank you for it. Our emmi®-pet care set 2.0 will convince you with its soft and healthy coat.

We have further developed our 2nd generation of the emmi®-pet to offer you even better functionality and user-friendliness.

New features of the emmi®-pet 2.0 :

  • - Adaptation of the ultrasonic frequenc for improved cleaning results
  • - Improved effect on skin and teeth
  • - Energy saving function - automatic switch-off after 6 minutes.
  • - Charge indicator light now light blue. When the emmi®-pet is fully charged, the charging indicator light goes out.
  • - Attachment detection - The emmi®-pet cannot be switched on without an attachment. It also switches off if the attachment is removed during operation. This ensures that the device cannot be charged when switched on without the attachment.

LUCAA+ Wound Cleansing Solution

LUCAA+ Wound Cleansing Solution for Pets is a unique formula that optimises the microbial balance around and on the wound, making damaged skin naturally more resistant to external influences. The helpful microorganisms provide deep microscopic cleansing.

Wound Cleansing Solution:

  • Easy to use
  • Removes organic debris that can cause infections
  • Facilitates wound healing and recovery
  • Balances the local microflora by integrating healthy bacteria into the affected environment
  • Prevents infections
  • True innovation - scientifically proven

For what purpose?

A pet brings a lot of happiness and love, but also causes unpleasant hygienic problems such as bad smells, allergies, dirt, etc. We want your best friend to stay healthy and fit!

The LUCAA+ Pet range is a range of natural products for the care and hygiene of your dog, cat or rabbit... From snout to tail, without forgetting the living environment (niche, basket, chairs, carpets, toys, etc.) we offer the full range so that your pet is pampered and protected.

The advantage in our solutions Probiotics, what are they?

Consisting of beneficial microorganisms, better known as probiotics and 100% organic ingredients, our natural treatments for dogs and cats can effectively deep clean. We optimise the biological balance, which has the effect of reducing the risk of bacterial diseases. Simply the best for our four-legged friends!

Our products are biodegradable and do not mask odours, but actively eliminate them. Furthermore, we guarantee sustainability for you, your four-legged companions and the environment.

Probiotics, what are they? A global problem

Probiotics are, according to the WHO, living microorganisms that, when ingested in sufficient quantities, have a positive effect on health (intestines, skin, etc.). Each probiotic bacillus has its own specificity and its main action points.


Our solution "Classic (chemical)" cleaning and probiotic (microbial)" cleaning

A global problem

The chemicals we use every day are endangering our environment and are no longer able to do their job with optimal efficiency. In fact, due to the overuse of traditional cleaners, disinfectants and antibiotics, pathogenic bacteria, i.e. bad microorganisms, have developed a so-called resistance. The products with synthetic ingredients (chemicals) also pose a danger to us humans by creating a biological imbalance and thereby increasing the risk of bacterial infections. Hospitals are particularly problematic, where germs are involved in a wide range of nosocomial infections. The habit of always disinfecting everything to avoid getting sick is no longer relevant because all researchers are sure that antiseptics and antibiotics will increase the resistance of bacteria and therefore no longer work.

Our solution Application

Promote regular cleansing with probiotics! Active microorganisms have some interesting properties in the field of cleaning:

  1. Completely harmless for humans and animals - Vegan certified.
  2. They provide microscopic cleaning
  3. They eliminate organic waste
  4. They provide a healthy and safe biological balance (also called microflora)
  5. They help eliminate bad odours
  6. The action lasts for several days

These features enable thorough and completely safe cleaning for all.


Always work with gloves and clean material.

Shave off hair around the injury and avoid getting hair into it. Wash the injury with lukewarm water and remove any crusts. Dry the injury well by dabbing it with all-purpose cloth. Spray injury lightly with Lucaa+ Wound Cleaning Solution for Pets and apply dressing. Repeat treatment daily until completely healed.

Shake well before use. Do not use in combination with other products. Avoid contact with eyes. Store in sealed packaging in a dry place between 10°C & 35°C and out of reach of children.


  • 1x Lucaa+ Wound Cleaning Solution for Pets 100ml
  • 1x emmi®-pet P2 Care Ultrasonic Attachment


Ingredients Lucaa+ Wound Cleaning Solution

  • Water
  • Microorganisms


Richtiges Aufsetzen der Ultraschall-Aufsätze für eine optimale Ultraschallübertragung!


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