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"Assisi Euro-Loop™"


Innovative magnetic field therapy!

New therapy concept to reduce pain and inflammation for animals

This is where the ASSISI EURO-LOOP™ starts: By emitting specific electromagnetic microcurrent pulses (tPEMF®, targeted pulsed electromagnetic field), it generates an electromagnetic field that penetrates both soft and hard body tissue evenly. This electromagnetic field triggers a chemical cascade that activates the nitric oxide cycle and maximizes the effect of the key molecule NO.

Areas of application:

  • Acute inflammations, for example pain and swelling after operations
  • Chronic or degenerative inflammations, for example arthrosis
  • Neurological diseases, for example Wobbler's syndrome
  • Inflammation of internal organs, for example the pancreas

Pain relief and wound healing:

  • A double-blind, placebo-controlled study in dogs showed that patients treated after disc surgery had better wound healing and needed less pain medication than the control group.

Neurological Regeneration:

  • Dogs treated after a herniated disc had a better proprioreception and less pain at the site of the injury compared to the control group. Selected inflammation markers were lower.

Regeneration of tendons:

  • After 3 weeks, an animal model shows up to 69 % increased tensile strength at the regeneration site of the Achilles tendon compared to the control group.
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