Emmi-Nail 3-pack refill bottle disinfectant 250ml

Emmi-Nail 3-pack refill bottle disinfectant 250ml

Content: 750 ml (£1.56 / 100 ml)

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    • 70% Isopropyl alcohol
    • for refilling the empty disinfectant bottle
    • disinfectant for hand, skin and surfaces
    • Set content: 3x 250ml refill bottle

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3x Emmi®-Nail Hand and surface disinfectant - 250ml £13.32
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More information about the product

"Emmi-Nail 3-pack refill bottle disinfectant 250ml"

3-pack disinfectant for hand, skin and surfaces.

A highly effective skin, hand and surface disinfectant, which should not be missing in any good nail studio. For hygienic skin, hand and area disinfection, the skin is rubbed into the hands and kept moist for 30 seconds.

A must for every home!

Has an antibacterial and antifungal effect, is fragrance-free and also suitable for particularly sensitive skin!


  • 3x Emmi-Nail refill bottle disinfectant 250ml
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