XXL Ultrasonic Nebuliser + 5x Emmi-BioDes Ultrasonic Desinfection Concentrate

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  • In combination with the Emmi®-BioDes Ultrasonic Room Disinfection Concentrate

    • Practical 3-in-1 device with ultrasonic technology
    • Cools, disinfects and refreshes the room air
    • Clearly arranged control panel
    • Adjustable fog levels (little to much)
    • Helps allergy sufferers
    • Eliminates unwanted odours
    • Works especially against MRSA, ASP and coronavirus
BioDes Ultrasonic room disinfection concentrate 1000ml
BioDes Ultrasonic room disinfection concentrate...
Content 1000 ml (£0.46 * / 100 ml)
£4.56 £21.30

More information about the product

"XXL Ultrasonic Nebuliser + 5x Emmi-BioDes Ultrasonic Desinfection Concentrate"

Emmi®- XXL Ultrasonic Nebuliser

The practical 3-in-1 device: The upright fan with integrated room disinfector offers effective bacterial and virus decontamination. It is equipped with a clearly arranged control panel for easy handling.
With the XXL room disinfector you can enjoy a bacteria and virus free room climate at any time.

The quality features of the Emmi®- XXL Ultrasonic Nebuliser:
Built-in ultrasonic transducer
- Cools, disinfects and refreshes the room air
- Intensity of the spray mist adjustable
- 4 speed levels: low -, medium -, high speed and stop
- Timer with 6 preset times (10, 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60 minutes)
- Switchable rotary function
- Clearly arranged control panel
- Adjustable fog levels (little to much)
- Volume: 2,5 litres

Features of Emmi®-BioDes Ultrasonic Room Disinfection Concentrate 1000ml:
The innovative air disinfection reduces germs in the room air and thus reduces the risk of infection!

BAUA-NR.: N-9034

Emmi®-BioDes is non-toxic, pH-neutral and residue-free
- Acts reliably against bacteria, viruses, fungi, hormone and antibiotic residues
- Especially effective against MRSA, ASP and coronavirus
- Helps allergic persons
- Eliminates bad odours
- No known gaps in effectiveness and development of resistance
- No allergic reactions known
- No dangerous goods, simple and cost-effective use
- No declarable ingredients
- No organic chemistry, made from water and common salt
- No problematic residues, no special disposal
- Scalable product specifications (redox potential, pH value, oxidizing power and salt content) for different applications
- Without hydrogen peroxide, copper or silver ions, without aldehydes, colorants and fragrances, tested according to DGHM guidelines

This is how the Emmi®-BioDes Ultrasonic Room Disinfection Concentrate works:
The extremely finely atomized mist produced by our ultrasonic Room disinfector disinfectes all surfaces, allowing the active ingredient to wet ceilings, walls as well as appliances, ventilation ducts, air conditioning systems, food and furniture. The mist thus serves as a carrier and transports the biocide evenly into all areas, even those difficult to access, thus closing all common disinfection gaps.
The Emmi®-BioDes Ultrasonic Room Disinfectant Concentrate has been adapted to the Emmi ultrasound frequency, which greatly enhances the effect.

Other applications of the Emmi®-BioDes Ultrasonic Room Disinfection Concentrate:
- Room disinfection, e.g. living and office rooms, homes, kindergartens, storage rooms
- Disinfection of vehicles such as cars, ambulances, buses, animal transporters
- Air disinfection, e.g. waste sorting plants, composting plants, grain mills
- Disinfecting cleaning of air conditioning systems (air conditioning systems)
- Air hygiene, e.g. in case of tobacco smoke, animal, fire or decomposition odour
- Dust binding

Recommended dosage of the Emmi®-BioDes Ultrasonic Room Disinfection Concentrate:

1. Hand disinfection possbile
2. Surface area 1: 5
3. Air 1: 2 Air Humidifier
4. Air 1: 5 Ultrasonic Nebulizer 
5. Drinking water 1: 400

Do you want further optimization of your Emmi® XXL Ultrasonic Nebuliser?

Use our Emmi®-Air Room Air Concentrates to transform your rooms into fragrant oases.
The water-soluble room fresheners are ideal for use with the Emmi®-Ultrasonic XXL Room Desinfector or the Emmi®-Air Ion Air Purifiers.
- The room fresheners Citrus & Green Tea has a refreshing, aromatic, invigorating, motivating effect, soothes your soul and creates an intensive atmosphere of well-being.
The room fresheners Gardenia, on the other hand, is effective against restlessness, headaches, sleeping disorders, anxiety, depression or even stress.
The room fresheners Lavender, on the other hand, has a refreshing, invigorating, calming, anxiety-relieving and mood-lifting effect. In addition, the medicinal plant is also recommended for restlessness, problems falling asleep or depressive moods. It can also be used to ward off mosquitoes and other insects.

Emmi® Ultrasonic Humidifier – The Little Power Package for Healthy Air.


  • 1x Emmi®-Ultrasonic XXL Room Disinfector
  • 5x Emmi®-BioDes Ultrasonic Room Disinfection Concentrate

Emmi®-BioDes Ultrasonic Room Disinfection Concentrate:

  • Electrochemically activated saline solution (ECALIT® process) with <0.1% (w/v) sodium hypochlorite,
  • <1% (w/v) common salt,
  • 3% (w/v) and >95% (w/v) water,
  • Without preservatives, colorants and fragrances,
  • Without alcohol, copper or silver ions and hydrogen peroxide.


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