emmi®-pet Care Set

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    • Protects the wound area
    • Develops effect over a longer period of time
    • Continuous wound moistening
    • Sticks on hard to reach places
    • Very good skin compatibility
    • Free from antibiotics

More information about the product

"emmi®-pet Care Set"

See how our emmi®-pet Care works.

emmi®-pet Hoof, skin & wound hydrogel

The emmi®-pet Hydrogel has excellent adhesion and can develop its disinfecting effect over a longer period of time. Due to its adhesive consistency, the hydrogel is particularly suitable for the treatment of wounds, injuries, inflammations, skin irritations as well as insect bites and tick bites in difficult to access areas.


  • - Effective against bacteria, viruses and fungi
  • - Painless application
  • - Free from antibiotics
  • - Without alcohol
  • - Very kind to the skin
  • - pH neutral
  • - Without colorants and fragrances
  • - No known resistances or contraindications
  • - Harmless when taken orally

Take advantage of the circulation-promoting and anti-inflammatory effect of ultrasound and optimize the synergy potential of our emmi®-pet in combination with the emmi®-pet Hydrogel for cleaning and disinfection of skin and wounds.

Application skin & wounds:

  • - Expose affected areas
  • - emmi®-pet Hydrogel raise specifically
  • - Place the  emmi®pet Care Ultrasonic attachment on the emmi®-pet handpiece, moisten with water and hold the switched-on device on it
  • - Repeat the application several times daily

Application Hoof:

  • - Carefully clean affected areas with hoof scrapers
  • - Spray hoof and frog generously with hydrogel
  • - emmi®pet Care Ultrasonic attachment to the emmi®-pet Put on the handpiece, moisten with water and hold the switched-on device on it
  • - Repeat the application several times daily

Further recommendations for use:
Ideal for use in combination with emmi®pet Solution: Before applying the hydrogel, the affected areas are rinsed thoroughly with emmi®pet Solution optimally cleaned.

Note: The attachments should only be cleaned with water!


  • 1x emmi®-pet Hoof, skin & wound hydrogel 75ml
  • 1x emmi®-pet P2 Care Ultrasonic Attachment

Ingredients (Hydrogel):

  • Active chlorine released from hypochlorous acid <0,1% (w/v)
  • Water
  • LiMgNa-Silicat (nano)
  • Sodium chloride
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