Knick`n`clean sticks for refrigerator disinfection

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    • Elimination of mold, spores and viruses in your refrigerator
    • known from "The cave of the lions"
    • longer shelf life of open food
    • better hygiene in the refrigerator
    • Content: 1 piece

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"Knick`n`clean sticks for refrigerator disinfection"

Fridge disinfection - known from "The cave of the Lion's".

When food is stored openly in the refrigerator, germs have quickly taken root. Germs can be a health hazard and unpleasant odors can develop. Therefore, hygiene in the refrigerator is particularly important. Cleaning alone is often not enough, because the germs can still multiply.

Protect yourself, your family and your refrigerator - especially now when hygiene is so important.

The Knick`n`clean rod ensures the elimination of mold, spores and viruses in your refrigerator through its active ingredient. Although small in size, the stick provides long-lasting freshness and hygiene for your refrigerator. The shelf life of open food is considerably extended. Buy the Knick`n`clean sticks now and ensure safe disinfection, as pathogenic bacteria such as EHEC and Salmonella are 99.9% eliminated.

Directions for use:

  1.  Bend the rod in the middle so that the inner tube breaks, shake briefly so that the substances can react with each other.
  2. When the rod turns yellow, it is activated.
  3. Leave to rest for one hour and place or hang in the refrigerator at the top in the front area
  4. After activation, the active ingredient slowly emerges through the special plastic.
  5. The stick must be replaced by a new one after approx. 30 days and can be disposed of in normal household waste.

The active ingredient does not penetrate into food and is completely safe for humans and animals.


  • 1x Knick`n`clean sticks for refrigerator disinfection


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