Lucaa+ Eye Cleanser for Pets 100ml

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    • Quick and easy cleaning of the eyes and eyelids
    • Enhances eye hygiene
    • Reduces the risk of inflammation
    • Apply with a clean cloth or cotton pad
    • Deeply removes organic matter
    • Prevents organic deposits


More information about the product

"Lucaa+ Eye Cleanser for Pets 100ml"

The LUCAA+ eye cleanser is a solution for quick and easy care of the corners of the eyes and eyelids in pets. Composed of microorganisms and natural ingredients, the risk of bacterial infection is reduced by the microbiological effect.

Eye cleanser

  • Quick and easy cleaning of the eyes and eyelids
  • Enhances eye hygiene
  • Reduces the risk of inflammation
  • Apply with a clean cloth or cotton pad
  • Deeply removes organic matter
  • Prevents organic deposits

For what purpose?

A pet brings a lot of happiness and love, but also causes unpleasant hygienic problems such as bad smells, allergies, dirt, etc. We want your best friend to stay healthy and fit!

The LUCAA+ Pet range is a range of natural products for the care and hygiene of your dog, cat or rabbit... From snout to tail, without forgetting the living environment (niche, basket, chairs, carpets, toys, etc.) we offer the full range so that your pet is pampered and protected.

The advantage in our solutions

Consisting of beneficial microorganisms, better known as probiotics and 100% organic ingredients, our natural treatments for dogs and cats can effectively deep clean. We optimise the biological balance, which has the effect of reducing the risk of bacterial diseases. Simply the best for our four-legged friends!

Our products are biodegradable and do not mask odours, but actively eliminate them. Furthermore, we guarantee sustainability for you, your four-legged companions and the environment.

Probiotics, what are they?

Probiotics are, according to the WHO, living microorganisms that, when ingested in sufficient quantities, have a positive effect on health (intestines, skin, etc.). Each probiotic bacillus has its own specificity and its main action points.

"Classic (chemical)" cleaning and "probiotic (microbial)" cleaning

A global problem

The chemicals we use every day are endangering our environment and are no longer able to do their job with optimal efficiency. In fact, due to the overuse of traditional cleaners, disinfectants and antibiotics, pathogenic bacteria, i.e. bad microorganisms, have developed a so-called resistance. The products with synthetic ingredients (chemicals) also pose a danger to us humans by creating a biological imbalance and thereby increasing the risk of bacterial infections. Hospitals are particularly problematic, where germs are involved in a wide range of nosocomial infections. The habit of always disinfecting everything to avoid getting sick is no longer relevant because all researchers are sure that antiseptics and antibiotics will increase the resistance of bacteria and therefore no longer work.

Our solution

Promote regular cleansing with probiotics! Active microorganisms have some interesting properties in the field of cleaning:

  1. Completely harmless for humans and animals - Vegan certified.
  2. They provide microscopic cleaning
  3. They eliminate organic waste
  4. They provide a healthy and safe biological balance (also called microflora)
  5. They help eliminate bad odours
  6. The action lasts for several days

These features enable thorough and completely safe cleaning for all.


Always work with gloves and clean material.

Soak cotton wool or paper handkerchief with LUCAA+ Eye Cleaner for Pets and gently dab the impurities from the eyelids. Always use a new cotton ball or clean tissue for each eye to avoid infecting one eye with the other. Repeat the treatment regularly to prevent inflammation.

Shake well before use. Do not use in combination with other products. Store in a closed container in a dry place between 10°C & 35°C and out of reach of children.



  • 1x Lucaa+ Eye Cleanser for Pets 100ml

Ingredients Lucaa+ Eye Cleanser

  • Water
  • Microorganisms
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