Water play mat

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    • welcome a summer of fun with the emmi-pet water play mat
    • perfect for backyards, beaches and meadows
    • easy to use - requires no complicated installations
    • made of high-quality, robust PVC material - withstands your dog's claws and teeth
    • easily folds up for space-saving storage
    • 100cm x 100cm


    Give your dog the ultimate splashing experience this summer and order the emmi-pet water play mat today!

More information about the product

"Water play mat"

emmi-pet Water play mat is an absolute must-have for every dog owner who wants to cool their four-legged friend on hot summer days.

Say goodbye to hot, miserable dogs and hello to a summer of fun with the emmi-pet Water Play Mat. Perfect for backyards, beaches and meadows, this Mat provides just the right amount of fun and space for your furry friend.

This unique water play mat simply connects your garden hose line and sprays multiple jets of water up to 1 metre high. Your dog will love playing and splashing around on the Mat and you will love making your dog happy.

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Easy to use: super simple to use and requires no complicated installations. Just connect it to the garden hose and off you go!

emmi-pet Water play mat is made of durable PVC material and is equipped with several spray holes that spray water into the air and provide your dog with a refreshing splashing experience.

Durable material: The mat is made of high-quality PVC material that is robust and durable and can withstand your dog's claws and teeth.

With this water play mat, you have full control over the water flow and can easily adjust the spray intensity to give your dog the perfect splashing experience.

Easy to store: The mat can be easily folded and stored to save space when not in use.

Best of all, this water play mat will not only provide your dog with a refreshing cool down, but also a lot of fun and entertainment. Your dog will love it and you will love watching him do it.

Always enough space: With an L size of 100 cm x 100 cm, this mat offers your dog plenty of room to splash and romp around.

Not only dogs or pets love the water play mat, but children also enjoy it and often jump around on it together. Moments full of joy and happiness arise that you like to capture in pictures.

Give your dog the ultimate splashing experience this summer and order the emmi-pet water play mat today!



  • 1x emmi-pet Water Play Mat with Water Supply Connection and Repair Patch - 100x100cm



The fountain mat is a fun way to water a different part of the lawn every now and then and at the same time entertain the dog and the child.
Children are relatively safe on the mat. It is not too slippery, the edge is low and soft and in the middle the water does not get so high that something could happen.
Sophia - To be recommended!



The pool, I rather call it a sprinkler mat, is easy to connect and thus quick to set up. The surface is non-slip, the material robust and the mat well made. So it can withstand the strain of large dogs and children. It is fun for both child and dog. In the middle, the water stays flat. For cooling down, the mat is a good idea and definitely works.
Peter - Delivers what it promises

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