Care and health control of outdoor cats

Cats are very popular pets that make all our lives richer and more lovable. The best constellation are the so-called free roamers, who live with their owner in a flat, but can go out during the day or at night.

Unfortunately, you don't know where they hang out when they're outdoors, so it's important to check your cat's health regularly.

In today's blog post, we'll explain this very sensitive topic, but one that you should take seriously. You can find out more about what your cat should be checked for on a regular basis below.

Cat care and health trolls explained in more detail

You will certainly ask yourself how you should carry out regular checks for the safety of your pet. Outdoor access has not only advantages, but also disadvantages. But don't worry, if your cat is generally healthy, nothing can actually happen to it.

In any case, you should plan to take your cat to the vet regularly. Several examinations are carried out, such as checking the status of the teeth, checking the coat and also checking the paws. You can imagine how quickly parasites can get into your cat's fur, and that's not very nice for your cat.

The vet of your choice will also vaccinate your pet against rabies, cat flu or feline epidemics.

Dental care in cats and paw care in cats

However, you don't always have to visit the vet to regularly check the health of your outdoor cat.

On the contrary, important things like daily dental care with our emmi®-pet ultrasonic toothbrush and paw care can be done yourself. The annual check-up is then again the responsibility of your vet. Grooming is also very important for cats. This is also a sign of their state of health.

There are great grooming products for cats, just as there are for humans. It's best to take a good look at your pet after every walk and feel the body. This is very quick and you and your cat will be on the safe side.






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