Catnip: beloved plant, but why?

Do you have a cat? Then you certainly know about the phenomenon of catnip, not to be confused with cat grass. But what exactly is catnip and why is it so popular? Catnip is liked by most cats. Its Latin name is Nepeta cataria.

Catnip is a perennial herbaceous plant that can grow up to 1 metre high. Typical features of the plant are its curled and notched leaves. It is also distinguished by its hairy underside and the grey-green colour of the leaves. We explain why catnip is so popular in today's blog post.

Why is catnip so popular with cats?

As an ornamental plant, catnip is very decorative and not only popular with cats. Hobby gardeners also enjoy this very easy-to-care-for plant. It is pollinated by almost all insects and flowers for a very long time. Catnip is very popular with cats, because they become intoxicated with this plant. They rub or roll themselves on it and can hardly leave it alone.


What secret is hidden behind catnip?

Catmint is loved for its versatility. On the one hand, the plants serve to border beds. In this way, they provide good support for other plants. On the other hand, catnip is a wild-growing plant that defies the summer heat well. Catmint is also known as blue mint. It is often used as a companion plant for roses. An important factor that makes catnip so popular, and not only among cats, is the contrast it forms with other plants. Last but not least, its similar appearance makes it an alternative to lavender.

Cats love catnip

Cats can react very violently to catnip. Individual or combined reactions to the plant or its smell can be observed in cats time and again. Some animals only rub themselves against the catnip. Other animals cuddle the plant again and again and nibble the leaves. Still other cats are literally crazy about rolling around in the lush green of the catnip. Not infrequently, a pleasant purring can be heard. It also gives the impression that the animals can hardly part with the plant. Which repeatedly leads to catnip being said to have an intoxicating effect.







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