Relaxed with good intentions into the new year

General New Year's resolutions do not only apply to people. Animals can also benefit from them. If you want to start the new year relaxed with your dog or cat, you should focus especially on their health.

This includes mouth hygiene for both four-legged friends. If you want them to live a particularly long time, it plays a special role. In today's blog post, we explain how you can not only make good resolutions, but also put them into practice.


Dental hygiene for the dog or cat as a New Year's resolution

Rituals for the new year often deal with good resolutions. Losing weight and staying healthy are at the top of many New Year's resolutions. The implementation of new resolutions does not only apply to you, but also to dental hygiene for cats or dogs.

Although pets are just as particular about this as we humans are, you should pay special attention to your pets' oral hygiene for optimal care, so that they are not plagued by tooth decay. A bad smell can also lead to unpleasant situations, which is why brushing teeth with our emmi®-pet ultrasonic toothbrush is sometimes the only way out.

How to successfully implement the new resolutions for dogs and cats

The New Year's resolution to integrate daily dental hygiene into everyday life is first of all a welcome step to support the pet's health.

As a result of such routine use of dental hygiene for the cat or dog, the animal can get used to just that and will react more calmly after some time. Even if this step sounds difficult, it is for the good of the pet.

This good intention also requires commitment from both the owners and the pets concerned. Success can be achieved most quickly through rituals. Dental hygiene always at the same time of day is the perfect start.

You will see that your cat or dog will comply after a few days. If this doesn't happen straight away, a bonus can help, such as the prospect of going for a walk or playing with favourite objects.


Rituals for the New Year: Achieve your goal with dental hygiene for the pet

Even small human children cannot brush their teeth with a toothbrush without grumbling and growling. Here, as an owner of dogs and cats, it is important to keep the upper hand.

What would be better suited for the new ritual than making resolutions? You will see how the new dental hygiene will provide benefits in all areas.


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