Senior cat: Problems of old age

Do you share your household with a senior cat? Do you regularly check her mouth, which is recommended for old cats? Gum inflammation or defective teeth can be detected at an early stage. In addition to regular mouth checks, we also recommend thorough dental care for your cat.

In today's blog post, we explain how you can thoroughly remove food residues and plaque with our emmi®-pet ultrasonic toothbrush.


Dental care for old cats

Inflammation of your old cat's gums and teeth can be avoided as far as possible with preventative care. From a young age, you should train your cat to have his teeth cleaned and examined regularly. Brushing your cat's teeth with a toothbrush will become a habit.

But it's not just the teeth that you should keep an eye on, it's the general health of your old cat. Many cats, like people, suffer from tartar. It occurs when you do not remove plaque from your cat's teeth.

Plaque and tartar are caused by minerals that collect in saliva. In the worst case, these build-ups cause painful periodontal disease, not only in old cats. Your cat's teeth will become loose or there is a risk of malocclusion.

General health in old cats

To ensure that your cat has a long and healthy life, you should place great value on a suitable food. Special senior food is a good choice for older cats. They are designed and adapted to the needs of older pets.

In addition, regular health checks should be carried out at the vet. The cost of this routine health check is often covered by special cat health insurance.

With this insurance, you can avoid having to pay a lot of money for an examination or operation in an emergency. Regular health checks on your old cat can save lives and even prevent the spread of infections.

Health problems can be detected early and can usually be treated much more effectively.

If your cat refuses to eat because he has pain in his mouth, it is usually due to inflammation of the teeth or gums. Does your cat also suffer from bad breath? Daily dental care for old cats can prevent this problem in advance.


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