5 tips for healthy pets

More than 35 million pets live in Germany. The first and second most popular pets are dogs and cats. In today's blog post, we explain how you can keep your pet healthy for a long time.


Tip 1 for healthy pets: The species-appropriate diet

The right food plays an important role in keeping your pet healthy for a long time. Especially if your pet is overweight, you should pay attention to what you feed your pet. Every gram of excess weight increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, skin diseases or cancer. In addition, your pet's musculoskeletal system may be put under additional strain or its immune system may be weakened.

Regular snacks and treats as well as feeding dry food can be to blame for your dog's obesity. Dry food in particular has many times the calories. A lack of moisture in the food does the rest, because a lack of fluid in cats quickly leads to bladder and kidney stones.


Tip 2 for healthy pets: Take out insurance

Even with the best care, illnesses, injuries and accidents with your pet cannot always be avoided. This can result in high veterinary bills. Pet insurance can be very helpful in this case and cover the sometimes high costs. However, you have to decide for yourself whether and which pet insurance makes sense.


Tip 3 for healthy pets: Fight parasites

Parasites such as ticks, worms or fleas can not only be a nuisance, but also transmit and trigger many other diseases. Fleas, for example, can be easily detected by regular combing. Special collars and spot-on products protect against tick infestations. Worming treatments help against worms.


Tip 4 for healthy pets: Chip and registration

A chip on the left side of the neck does not hurt and offers an enormous amount of security to be able to identify your beloved animal without a doubt. You can use the central register, such as Tasso, to find your pet again if it ever runs away.


Tip 5 for healthy pets: Be active and stay active

Our everyday lives often offer few opportunities for sufficient and extensive exercise. This is not good for you or your pet. For this reason, make sure your pet is active every day, so that it is kept busy and stays healthy and fit for a very long time.





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