Care after the walk in autumn

There is a lot for your dog to discover on a walk in autumn. He likes to roll around in the colourful autumn leaves or dig in the damp forest soil. During the wet season, you should pay particular attention to coat control and paw protection for your beloved four-legged friend. Did you know that your dog needs special care in wet weather? We'll explain what this looks like in today's blog post.

Check paws after every walk

Checking your dog's paws regularly does not take much time. For this reason, you should clean your dog's paws after every walk. Use lukewarm water and a soft towel to dry them. Not only road salt, but also lumps of dirt and cold can put a strain on your dog's sensitive paws.

To clean your dog's paws, it is often enough to bathe them briefly in a bowl of warm water and gently wipe the area between the toes with your fingers. Dry the paws well afterwards. If necessary, you can apply a special moisturising paw protector to the pads.

Intensive coat controlIntensive coat control

To optimally care for your beloved four-legged friend in autumn, you should comb his coat after every walk. This not only removes surface dirt, but also sand, burrs or small insects from your dog's coat.

When checking your dog's coat, look out for ticks. They can be removed from the coat with a fine comb long before they have bored into the skin. As your dog's coat changes in autumn, you can help him by cleaning and combing his coat regularly.

Allergies as a skin problem is often chronic in cats

Allergies as a skin problem is often chronic in cats. It is an incurable disease. Regardless of the cause, treatment and diagnosis require a great deal of patience. Certain trigger factors should be identified with the veterinarian before treatment. Flea saliva allergies are common and it is advisable to exclude this cause by flea prevention. In contrast, food allergies seem to be less common than thought, at 10-15 per cent. 





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