Contemplative Christmas with Dog and Cat (Tips and Tricks)

People love their pets dearly and they are full members of the family who are loved everywhere. You can certainly understand this, as you yourself have a sweet kitten or a loyal dog at home.

Especially at Christmas, the festival of love, it's a good time to spoil your pet from morning till night. But be careful, because dangers can lurk here too! In today's blog post, we will explain what these dangers are.

Sensible gifts for Christmas for dogs and cats

Christmas time is a very contemplative time for humans and animals. In this day and age, this alone can be considered a true gift. After all, you are treating yourself and your fluffy companions to much more intensive time.

However, to make it a feast for the senses, there are a few things you should keep in mind, because less is often more. And we don't just mean the treats. The pre-Christmas season also holds many dangers for you and your pet. For example, Christmas decorations can be a real danger if they are nibbled on or even swallowed. When decorating, you should make sure that there is no serious danger for your pet.

You know your cat and dog best and will not only put up the right decoration that is safe for your pet, but also find the right gift for your four-legged darling. How about more time?

Why not give your pet more time and attention, cuddle them and take long walks in the great outdoors? Although Christmas doesn't always work without a gift, because pets are often like children and are happy to receive any gift.

Animal gifts don't have to be expensive


Gifts for dogs and cats should always be chosen wisely and sensibly. Toy mice and toy boards are still popular with cats. Boredom doesn't stand a chance and it's a sensible activity. Your cat's hunting instinct will be reawakened and your cat will have to use its grey cells. Here, too, the motto is: give with love.

Your cat feels your love very well, even when it comes to Christmas presents. How about a nice colourful scarf for your cat or dog?  Gifts for the palate are of course always welcome.

A new sleeping place where your velvet paw or your faithful companion can quickly retreat to is also always appropriate. Apart from that, you can promote the health of your cat or dog by practising dental hygiene with emmi®-pet.





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