Dogs are versatile and make everyday life easier

Dogs have been faithful companions of humans since time immemorial. Over many centuries, this friendship has developed into a social relationship and in parts even established a mutual adaptation. Nowadays, dogs are much more than just farm animals. For many people, their dog is their social partner with fur and a real family member. For other people, however, the dog is a very useful helper who makes their work easier and for still other people dogs can even be lifesavers and trailblazers. In today's blog post, we'll explain what dog jobs are out there, and who knows, you might even find yourself or your dog in one of these roles.

The dog as a work colleague

In many professions, it is impossible to imagine working without a dog as a helper or work colleague. The first thing that comes to mind is certainly the shepherd with his herding dog. These dogs are trained to keep flocks of sheep together and, if necessary, to search for them. The hunting dog is at the hunter's side in the search for tracks and the pursuit of game.

The dog as a lifesaver and resource

Everyone knows him: the rescue dog. The rescue dog is versatile and can make all the difference in all kinds of situations. In the mountains, there are avalanche dogs that support the mountain rescue team in the search for buried people. These dogs are also used to rescue people from collapsed buildings.
The so-called man trailer dogs also help in the search for missing persons. They can pick up and follow the scent of a person even after days. Such a dog could also save your life, for example.
The police dog is in the service of the law enforcement officers and performs various tasks there. There are, for example, guard dogs and sniffer dogs for various substances and objects.

The dog as a reliable companion and social partner

The guide dog accompanies blind people and helps them to manage their daily lives. While the therapy dog can help you with fears and traumas and calm you down. He can also help you to process what you have experienced. However, both dogs need special training.

The reading dog is particularly popular with children and attends reading sessions. He has a calming effect on children. Last but not least, there are of course dogs that conquer a cinema screen. Movie dogs are specially trained and take on various roles in films.






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