Grass mites in dogs and cats in springtime

Spring is finally here and the sun is higher in the sky again. Dogs and cats can hardly wait to romp around outside again to enjoy nature. But beware, because with the warmer season comes grass mites.

These tiny parasites can be a real pain in the neck for your beloved pet. This article tells you everything you need to know about grass mites in dogs and cats in spring.


What are grass mites?

Grass mites belong to the Trombidiformes family and are tiny parasites that live in vegetation. They prefer damp and shady places and are especially active in spring and summer. Grass mites can infest both dogs and cats when they frolic through grasses, bushes or in foliage.


Causes of grass mite infestation

Grass mite infestations usually occur in spring and summer when temperatures rise and vegetation starts to grow. Dogs and cats that spend a lot of time outdoors and roam through rough terrain are particularly affected by grass mites.


Symptoms of grass mite infestation

The symptoms of grass mite infestation in dogs and cats are very similar. The most common signs include:

  • Red and itchy skin
  • Swelling and blistering
  • Scratching and biting at affected areas
  • Hair loss
  • Inflammation


Treatment of grass mite infestation

If you notice the first signs of grass mite infestation on your four-legged friend, you should act quickly. There are several ways to provide your furry paw with the most effective relief. These include:

  1. Grass mite removal
  2. Cooling the affected areas
  3. Treatment with special Ointments or sprays and our emmi-pet Skin care-Set


Prevention of grass mite infestation

The best way to protect your dog or cat from grass mite infestation is to keep them away from infested areas. So you should always pay attention to where your pet is frolicking and check it thoroughly after every walk. Another way to prevent grass mite infestations is to regularly check your pet's Application of anti-flea and tick products, which can also be effective against grass mites, among other things.

Grass mites can cause problems for your pet in spring and summer, but with the right care and treatment in case of infection, they can be easily controlled.

By knowing the symptoms of grass mite infestations and actively preventing infestations, you can ensure that your dog or cat can enjoy spring and summer to the fullest. Remember that if symptoms are severe, you need to see a vet as soon as possible so that your four-legged friend can receive appropriate treatment as soon as possible.


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