When you integrate a dog into your family, you certainly want your pet to be as happy and comfortable as possible. However, your dog should not only be happy, but also healthy. You can achieve this through three things: good genes, which are difficult to influence as an owner, good food and exercise.

Just like with humans, exercise is one of the aspects that is mentioned when it comes to a dog's health. We explain why exercise is so important in today's blog post.


The importance of exercise for a dog

Sport and exercise are healthy and this applies to every living being. Exercise not only has an influence on the physical health of a living being, but also on its mental health. If you're not exercised because you're not moving enough, you quickly become restless.

With dogs, this phenomenon often manifests itself in the fact that they follow you everywhere and you have nowhere to rest. The dog is also more hyper than usual. In the long run, this can be very annoying.

In terms of physical health, exercise also keeps your dog active and in good shape. Slimness is important in this case because an overweight dog is at a much higher risk of developing back problems or other health problems later on.

However, if your pet is slim, the lighter weight is distributed evenly over the joints and can thus relieve the strain on bones and muscles.


Creating variety makes people want to move

Exercise, however, is not just about walking. Playing also means exercise. A good example are games where your dog has to catch a ball or retrieve a Frisbee. Your dog learns not only to be obedient, but also to sharpen his senses while moving at the same time. Swimming also involves movement.

Exercising your dog is important and keeps him fit. Even though some breeds need more exercise and others less, they all still need to move around and this is time consuming. This aspect should always be kept in mind when thinking about buying an animal, because as an owner you are obliged to give the dog what it needs for years.



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