Healthy nutrition for dogs and cats

Even if it was quite different in the past, pets are now part of the family and are treated as a full family member. They live in the house just like us and often even share our bed. We love our pets and want them to be well. As with us humans, nutrition plays an important role in health. In today's blog post, we explain what a healthy diet for dogs and cats looks like.

External factors for animal health

Depending on the breed, cats or dogs not only need different food, but also different amounts. This is not only based on the size of the animal, but also on the living conditions and how the animal is built.

A classic example of this is the husky. Huskies are known to have a lot of stamina and need a lot of exercise so that they are well and exuberant at the end of the day. Due to the constant movement and the size of the breed, these dogs need more food and much more protein-rich food than, for example, a small Chihuahua. He is often carried by his owner and therefore needs much less food. Its needs are also completely different.

However, the breed should be used more as a guideline and not applied across the board to everything. An animal is ultimately an individual, just like a human being, and even if large animals generally need more food, there are also differences from animal to animal. Since it is not possible to cover every situation in a blog article, owners are best advised to try things out and respond to the animal. For example, if the food does not taste good or the animal does not tolerate it, it will become noticeable, for example, through digestive problems. If these occur, you can take the necessary measures and see what works. The breed and what is recommended in this case still serves as a guideline.


Nutrition in animals, a complicated subject!

Nutrition is generally a complicated issue. It is not possible to project a one-size-fits-all diet onto all species, nor is it possible to project a diet that works for everyone. For this reason, one is well advised to create a mix.

To get started with the topic and to know where to begin, one should inform oneself about the breed or the habits of the parents. Once this has been done, you can try out with the individual animal which one suits it best.




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