Periodontal disease in dogs and cats

Just like us humans, your dog or cat can also develop periodontitis. It is better known as periodontal disease in dogs and cats.

Periodontal disease can be very painful for any animal. In today's blog post, you can read about how this can happen and why oral hygiene is so important to prevent it.

The cause of periodontal disease

Tooth bed disease is unfortunately not uncommon in a dog or cat. A good 80 percent of dogs and cats over the age of six suffer from dental disease. The cause of the disease is bacteria that a dog or cat ingests through food, but also through running around in nature.

Over time, these lead to inflammation, but can also loosen the teeth. The loss of individual teeth is possible. But the consequences can be much more serious if no treatment is given.

The treatment of periodontal disease


Treatment of periodontal disease is important, if only because of the pain caused by inflammation of the gums. But far worse are the bacteria and toxins present in the mouth. These can spread through the animal's body, causing damage to the kidneys, liver and ultimately the heart.

The disease of the dental bed is a gradual process that usually starts harmlessly with an inflammation of the gums. As a pet owner, you must act early and consult a veterinarian. In the early stages, the treatment of periodontal disease essentially consists of thorough mouth hygiene.

In addition to cleaning the teeth, this also includes cleaning the so-called gum pockets in the animal. If the disease is already advanced, treatment is carried out with medication against the inflammation, among other things.

Prevention of periodontal disease in dogs and cats

When it comes to the prevention of periodontal disease in dogs and cats, the most important thing is oral hygiene. In addition to regular cleaning with our emmi®-dent ultrasonic toothbrush for dogs and cats, we recommend using dental sprays, toothpaste flakes or changing the diet to prevent periodontal disease.

If you follow our valuable tips, you can very effectively prevent your beloved four-legged friend from developing dental disease.





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