Recognize and avoid sunburn in dogs


Most of us love it, the summer! It tempts us with beautiful weather and promises lots of outdoor fun. But as beautiful as summer is, the heat is not always healthy. Especially at midday, you should avoid the sun with your dog, because here lurks a pretty big source of danger that you should not underestimate. Sunburn. We'll explain why you should avoid sunburn in your dog at all costs and how you can recognize it in today's blog post.


Recognizing sunburn in your dog


 Just like us humans, your dog can also get sunburned. The consequences are very similar to those of us humans. In addition to pain, sunburn can lead to severe itching and last but not least, sunburn can also lead to skin cancer in your dog. The factors for sunburn in your dog are varied, as some areas of the body are more affected than others and not every dog is equally susceptible to sunburn.

Dogs with short or light coats are considered much more susceptible to sunburn. Long and dark coats, on the other hand, offer more protection from harmful UV rays. However, almost all dog breeds have the same sensitive areas where sunburn is particularly common. These include primarily the area around the muzzle and mouth, the inside of the ears, and the tips of the ears. The top of the skull can also be affected by sunburn much more quickly than other parts of the body.
If your dog has a sparsely fur-covered underside and likes to sunbathe on his back, you should also be careful here.



How to protect your dog from sunburn


The easiest way to protect your dog from sunburn is to take him into the shade. Never sit with your dog in the blazing sun. This is not healthy for you or your dog. Rather look for a shady place or create a shady place by umbrella, roof or under a densely leafed tree.
You can of course protect your dog by using sunscreen or sun spray. Sprays are much easier to apply to dogs' coats than creams. Since the eye area of your dog is particularly sensitive to sunburn, you should also provide protection here. Creams or other sunscreens should not be applied to the eyes and around the eye area. In this area, special sunglasses for dogs are more suitable for protection.


 How to recognize sunburn in your dog

If your dog has sunburn, you can recognize it by the fact that the affected areas of skin are red and sometimes look inflamed. In the further course, scaling may occur. Small blisters can also provide a first indication that your dog has a sunburn.
Affected areas may be experienced by your dog as painful or itchy. So, increased scratching may be the first indication of sunburn. Cooling with plain water can help. Don't try to fight sunburn with creams or sprays. Only zinc could be helpful, but should be clarified in advance with your veterinarian. 


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