Swimming & water games for dogs and water-loving cats - Tips, tricks and ideas for unforgettable water adventures!

Water activities aren't just great fun for humans, our four-legged friends can also enjoy a refreshing cool down on warm days. In today's blog post, you'll learn all about swimming and water games for dogs and water-loving cats. We'll give you an informative overview and present the ideal solutions for those who want to learn about the topic from A to Z. Get ready for some splashing fun!


Swimming for dogs

Swimming is an ideal activity for many dogs to get

  • exercise,
  • cool down and
  • at the same time to spare the joints.


Before you take your dog into the water, though, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

  • Acclimatization: Slowly acclimate your dog to the water. Start with shallow water and gradually increase the depth of the water. This way you avoid that your dog associates negative experiences with water. Give him time to build confidence and practice regularly.
  • Life jackets: Especially for water-shy dogs or those who can not yet swim safely, life jackets are recommended. They give your pet extra buoyancy and security. Make sure the life jacket is the right size and fits well.
  • Water Quality: Make sure the water is clean and free of algae or pollutants. This prevents health problems such as skin irritations or infections. Avoid stagnant water and instead seek out flowing rivers or lakes with good water quality.


Water games for dogs and water loving cats

There are numerous water games that are suitable for dogs and cats alike. Here are some ideas for varied games:

  • Water spray toys: Use toys that spray water, such as water guns or sprinklers, to encourage your pet to play. Many animals love to chase the water spray or catch the water. Be careful not to spray directly in your pet's face to avoid eye or ear irritation.
  • Water fetch: Throw a floatable ball or toy into the water and then let your pet dive or swim. This exercises the muscles and is also a great mental activity. Make sure the toy is big enough so your pet doesn't accidentally swallow it.
  • Pool and wading pool: Set up a pool or wading pool and fill it with water. Let your pet search for toys or treats hidden in the water. The wading pool is a great alternative for pets who are afraid of larger bodies of water, while still providing a refreshing cool down on hot days. Be sure to change the water in the wading pool regularly to avoid germs. Please do not let your little darling splash around in the pool unsupervised.


Swimming pools and dog beaches

In some cities there are now dog swimming pools or special dog beaches where you can enjoy the cool water together with your four-legged friend. Here you can meet like-minded people and your dog can make new friends. Make sure that you follow the respective rules and behavior guidelines to ensure a harmonious coexistence. At dog beaches, for example, your pet should not disturb the towels or berths of other bathers.


Health care and nursing

After swimming and playing in the water, your pet should be thoroughly dried and, if necessary, showered to remove chlorine or salt water residues. For dogs, it is advisable to clean the ears carefully to prevent ear infections. Also, make sure your pet has plenty of fresh drinking water available after the water experience to rebalance its fluid balance.


Cooling and fun guaranteed: Perfect water activities for dogs and water-loving cats

Swimming and water games not only cool off on hot days, but also provide plenty of fun for dogs and water-loving cats. Find activities that are perfectly suited to your pet's temperament and abilities, always prioritizing their safety and well-being.

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