skinactive - 500g

skinactive - 500g

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  • Especially suitable:

    • detoxifying and blood cleansing function of liver and kidney
    • irritations such as flea bites are significantly reduced
    • anti-inflammatory and analgesic in the skin area
    • strengthening and firming on the connective tissue
    • increased resistance of the skin
    • stimulation of new collagen formation
    • stabilizing effect on cell membranes

More information about the product

"skinactive - 500g"


emmi®-pet skinactive contains a special combination of high-quality active ingredients in interaction with vitamins, minerals, trace elements, essential amino and fatty acids as well as herbs, which support skin function in allergy-related dermatoses and excessive hair loss.

General nutritional knowledge

The skin not only forms a protective layer of the body against the environment, but as the largest and most versatile organ of the dog, it also conveys cold, heat, pressure and pain. It regulates the body temperature through sweat production and at the same time supports the kidneys in their detoxifying filter function. Many diseases of the skin, such as inflammation, hair loss, hypersensitivity to parasites, itching or wound healing disorders can be an expression of the overload of the "organ" skin.

- Herbs relieve the skin by stimulating the detoxifying and blood cleansing function of the liver and kidneys. Anti-allergic components stabilize the skin, the reaction to external stimuli such as flea bites or internal stimuli such as feed intolerances is significantly reduced. This process is also supported by the anti-inflammatory as well as pain- and itch-relieving plant substances. Regenerative active ingredients ensure a rapid healing process.

- Unsaturated fatty acids and sulfur have an anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effect in the skin area and thus lead to rapid healing of skin changes.

- Brewer's yeast, due to its high content of B vitamins, sulfur-containing substances and nucleic acids, supports and accelerates the regeneration of the skin in the long term, especially in the case of eczema.

- Diatomaceous earth has a strengthening and firming effect on the connective tissue and increases the skin's resistance.

- Vitamin C and iron stimulate the formation of new collagen and ensure rapid healing of skin lesions.

- Zinc is essential for the regeneration and wound healing of the skin.

- Biotin is particularly responsible for the quality of newly formed skin and hair. It contributes to the formation of a smooth and supple skin surface.

- Calcium and magnesium have a stabilizing effect on cell membranes, which significantly reduces the inflammatory reactions to insect bites.



emmi®-pet hautaktiv eas a dietary feed contains a special combination of high-quality active ingredients in interaction with vitamins, minerals, trace elements, essential amino and fatty acids as well as medicinal herbs, which support the skin function in allergy-related dermatoses and excessive hair loss.

Instructions for use

Small dogs ( 4-15 kg): 1-4 g per day
Medium dogs (16-39 kg): 4-8 g per day
Large dogs (40-80 kg): 8-16 g per day
administer with the food.
Due to the higher content of trace elements, the daily ration should not be more than doubled.

Feeding time

For optimal effect, the application should be done until the skin changes have subsided, but at least 3 weeks. Administration over a longer period of time is problem-free and can be done daily or every 2nd day, depending on the severity of the changes. It is recommended to seek the advice of a veterinarian before feeding or extending the feeding period beyond 2 months.



  • 1x emmi®-pet skinactive - 500g

Ingredients emmi®-pet skinactive:

  • Herbal mixture - Kräutermischung
  • Carob flour - Johannisbrotmehl
  • Calcium gluconate - Calciumglukonat
  • Garlic - Knoblauch
  • Methylsulfonylmethane - Methylsulfonylmethan (MSM)
  • Calcium carbonate - Calciumcarbonat
  • Brewer's yeast - Bierhefe
  • Linseed oil - Leinöl
  • Seaweed meal - Seealgenmehl
  • Magnesium fumarate - Magnesiumfumarat

Analytical components emmi®-pet skinactive:

  • Raw protein - Rohprotein - 10,1%
  • Crude fat - Rohfett - 6,2%
  • Crude fiber - Rohfaser - 5,4%
  • Crude ash - Rohasche - 29,7%
  • Sulfur - Schwefel - 1,8%
  • Sodium - Natrium 0,3%
  • Calcium - Calcium - 3,3%
  • Magnesium - Magnesium - 0,5%
  • Phosphorus - Phosphor - 0,2%
  • Omega-3 fatty acids - Omega-3-Fettsäuren - 2,4%

Nutritional additives per kg (liter) emmi®-pet skinactive:

  • Vitamin A - Vitamin A - 400.000 I.E
  • Vitamin E - Vitamin E - 10.000 mg
  • Vitamin B2 - Vitamin B2 - 300 mg
  • Vitamin C - Vitamin C - 20.000 mg
  • Biotin - Biotin - 300.000 mcg
  • Choline chloride - Cholinchlorid - 1.000 mg
  • Iron - Eisen - 2.000 mg
  • Copper - Kupfer - 400 mg
  • Zinc - Zink - 10.000 mg
  • Selenium - Selen - 20 mg
  • DL-methionine - DL-Methionin - 10.000 mg
  • Diatomaceous earth - Kieselgur - 160.000 mg


E1 ferric amino acid chelate hydrate, E4 copper amino acid chelate hydrate, E6 zinc amino acid chelate hydrate, 3b8.12 selenomethionine from Saccharomyces cerevisiae CNCM I-3399 (inactivated selenium yeast).


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