relax - 500g

relax - 500g

Content: 500 Gramm (£6.49 / 100 Gramm)

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    • positive influence on the state of mind of the dog
    • stabilization of the nervous system
    • increase of the well-being
    • consolidates and restores inner calm and composure
    • counteracts the stress hormone adrenaline
    • basis for the smooth running of protein metabolism

More information about the product

"relax - 500g"


emmi®-pet relax effectively compensates for feed-related deficiencies in magnesium (anxiety, jumpiness), tryptophan (inner tension, irritability) and B vitamins (poor concentration) and lysine. The result is inner calmness, composure and stress resistance with a simultaneous increase in motivation, concentration and well-being.

When dogs are stressed or aggressive.

The nature of the dog is largely dependent on his upbringing and his living environment. Only a very insignificant part is genetically determined and can usually be compensated well with appropriate training and socialization. Nevertheless, dogs react very differently to their environment and not in principle one has as a dog owner influence on the development of the growing dog. Sometimes it is severe traumas that make dogs overanxious, quickly irritable or even aggressive when stressful situations occur. Today we also know that a deficiency of minerals such as magnesium can increase the irritability of the dog. Likewise the use of special vital materials take positive influence on the state of mind of the dog. Here, in addition to magnesium, the amino acid L-tryptophan and the B vitamins play a major role.

General nutritional knowledge

Both strong physical stress and nervous overload (e.g. separation from attachment figures, transport, performance shows, dog schools or thunderstorms) can lead to nervousness, jumpiness, resignation, motion sickness, uncleanliness or even irritability. By stabilizing the nervous system and increasing well-being, inner calm and composure are restored and consolidated.

- Tryptophan is an essential amino acid that is converted in the metabolism primarily to serotonin and nicotinic acid (niacin). Serotonin acts as a regulator in the transmission of stimuli in the central nervous system and is essentially responsible for the well-being of the dog. A deficiency therefore leads to imbalance, overexcitability and listlessness. Since serotonin is rapidly depleted, a regular supply of tryptophan is essential.

- Magnesium serves as an activator for many enzymes in the energy metabolism of the nerve cells and the brain. Particularly worth mentioning is the protective function of magnesium against the negative effects during stressful situations in anxious and jumpy dogs: By additionally stabilizing cell membranes, it prevents overstimulation of nerve cells; in the blood, it counteracts the stress hormone adrenaline.

- Vitamin B6 forms the basis for the smooth running of protein metabolism in the nerve and brain cells. Since protein structures form the basis of memory, an adequate supply of vitamin B6 enables good concentration and memory. Furthermore, vitamin B6 is needed for the conversion of tryptophan into nicotinic acid.

- Nicotinic acid (niacin) is a B vitamin that is present in many feedstuffs in bound form and thus cannot be utilized by the organism. Therefore, the dog depends on the body's own synthesis of nicotinic acid from tryptophan for an adequate supply. Nicotinic acid plays a key role in all energy-producing processes of nerve metabolism.

- In nerve tissue, vitamin B12 is involved in enzymatic reactions for the formation and maintenance of nerve cells. In the case of a deficiency, there is a reduction in function and performance of the entire nervous system, which can lead to sensory disturbances, increased reflexes and uncoordinated movements.

- Vitamins E and C have a protective effect as "antioxidants" against aggressive harmful substances, especially in the area of the sensitive nerve and brain cells. The ability to concentrate and remember is thus significantly improved, the psyche strengthened.

Instructions for use

Small dogs ( 4-15 kg): 1-4 g per day
Medium dogs (16-39 kg): 4-8 g per day
Large dogs (40-80 kg): 8-16 g per day
administer with food.

Feeding time

For optimal effect, the application should be in the form of a course of treatment for at least three weeks. Feeding over a longer period is useful and significantly improves the results.


  • 1x emmi®-pet relax - 500g

Ingredients emmi®-pet relax:

  • Dextrose - Dextrose
  • Magnesium fumarate - Magnesiumfumarat
  • Magnesiummoxid - Magnesiummoxid

Analytical components emmi®-pet relax:

  • Raw protein - Rohprotein - 11,0%
  • Crude fat - Rohfett - 3,1%
  • Crude fiber - Rohfaser - 0,6%
  • Crude ash - Rohasche - 13,6%
  • Sodium - Natrium 0,1%
  • Calcium - Calcium - 1,5%
  • Magnesium - Magnesium - 4,0%

Nutritional additives per kg* (liters) emmi®-pet relax:

  • Vitamin A - Vitamin A - 50.000 I.E
  • Vitamin E - Vitamin E - 25.000 mg
  • Vitamin B1 - Vitamin B1 - 1.000 mg
  • Vitamin B2 - Vitamin B2 - 600 mg
  • Vitamin B6 - Vitamin B6 - 2.500 mg
  • Vitamin B12 - Vitamin B12 - 250.000 mcg
  • Vitamin C - Vitamin C - 5.000 mg
  • Niacin - Niacin - 4.000 mg
  • L-Lysine - L-Lysin - 50.000 mg
  • L-Tryptophan - L-Tryptophan - 50.000 mg


*3a672a Vitamin A, vitamin B1 as thiamine mononitrate, vitamin B2 as riboflavin, vitamin B6 as pyridoxine hydrochloride, vitamin B12 as cyanocobalamin, L-lysine monohydrochloride.


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