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  • emmi®-pet

    • A gentle dental cleaning for your pet
    • Now with new features for even better applications
    • Completely vibrationless
    • Up to 96 million multifrequency oscillations/minute



    • Up to 96 million multifrequency oscillations/minute
    • 12 days battery life (2x3 minutes per day)
    • Vibration can be switched off
    • Hardened contact pins


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The following items are included:

1x Ultrasonic Toothbrush - Metallic Dark Blue £119.97
1x emmi®-pet Basic Set £185.91
1x E2 Ultrasonic attachment Metallic&Professional £12.93
1x A1 (S2) - Ultrasonic Attachments (small) £12.08
1x A2 (M2) - Ultrasonic Attachments (large) £12.08
1x Ultrasonic-Toothpaste emmi®-pet £5.57
1x Ultrasonic Toothpaste - "fresh" £4.27
2x Mira-2-Tone - Dyeing Tablet for Teeth £4.66
Total: £357.47
You're saving: £78.56
Your price: 278,91 €

More information about the product


See why our emmi®-dent is so popular and effective.

For a successful start with emmi® ultrasonic Partner Set dent-pet.

Our emmi®-dent Platinum was rated with 5 stars by the health insurance company R+V.

Now with extended scope of delivery:From now on you get 2 emmi®-dent attachments + 2 Mira-2-Tone for free with the purchase of this set!

The Mira 2-tone tooth coloring tablet shows old and new plaque in different colors so you can easily clean them away and reach an optimal result.
Cover two of the three main product lines of emmi® ultrasonic with the emmi® ultrasonic Combi-Package Dental-Pet.

Now with new features for even better applications.

A gentle dental cleaning for your pet. Without vibrations or any brushing.

For years, the emmi®-dent ultrasound technology has proven its efficiency for dental care of people. These positive features were also targeted when we developed our emmi®-pet, aimed at the needs of our pets.

We have further developed our emmi®-pet technically in order to offer you even better functionality and user friendliness.

Features of the new emmi®-pet:

  • Energy saving function - Automatic switch-off after 6 minutes
  • Charge indicator light now light blue. When the emmi®-pet is full charged, the charge indicator light turns off
  • Attachment detection - The emmi®-pet cannot be switched on without an attachment. Furthermore it turns off when the attachment is removed during operation. This ensures that the device cannot be charged in a switched-on state without an attachment.

The emmi®-pet has been certified by the specialized department for animal husbandry and animal welfare (FFT) in Austria as an animal protection oriented product.

emmi® ultrasonic Partner Set dent-pet - Give yourself and your animal friend something special.

Note: The attachments should only be cleaned with water!


  • 1x emmi®-dent Metallic Basis Set - dark blue
  • 1x emmi®-pet Basis Set

Additionally included in delivery:

  • 2x emmi®-dent E2 Ultrasonic attachments 
  • 2x emmi®-pet A1 (S2) Ultrasonic attachments
  • 2x emmi®-pet A2 (M2) Ultrasonic attachments
  • 1x emmi®-dent Ultrasonic toothpaste Fresh - 75ml
  • 1x emmi®-pet ZA Ultrasonic toothpaste for pets - 75ml
  • 2x Mira-2-Ton - Dyeing Tablet for Teeth

Delivery emmi®-dent Metallic Basis Set:

  • 1x emmi®-dent Metallic handpiece
  • 1x emmi® 100-240A charging station
  • 1x emmi®-dent Ultrasonic attachments
  • 1x emmi®-dent Ultrasonic toothpaste Fresh - 75ml

Delivery emmi®-pet Basis Set:

  • 1x emmi®-pet handpiece
  • 1x emmi 100-240A charging station
  • 1x emmi®-pet A1/A2 Ultrasonic attachments 
  • 1x emmi®-pet ZA Ultrasonic toothpaste for pets
Ingredients emmi®-dent Fresh
• Aqua - Wasser
• Hydrated Silica – Kieselgel (Siliziumdioxid)
• Sorbitol – Sorbitol (Sorbit)
• Propylene Glycol – Propylen-Glykol 
• Tetraprotassium Pyrophosphate – Tetraprotassium Pyrophosphat
• Xanthan Gum – Xanthan (E415)
• Sodium C14-16 Olefin Sulfonate – Natrium C14-16 Olefin Sulfonat
• Mentha Arvensis Leaf Oil – Öl aus Blättern der Ackerminze - Aromastoff
• Sodium Fluoride – Natriumfluorid
• CI 77891 (Titanium Dioxide) – Titandioxid (E171)
• Sodium Saccharin – Natrium-Saccharin
• Allantoin – Allantoin
• Chamomilla Recutita Flower Extract – Kamillenblüten Extrakt - Aromastoff
• Salvia Triloba Leaf Extract – Sagenblätter Extrakt - Aromastoff
• Sodium Methylparaben – Natrium Methylparaben 
Contains no gluten, no nanomaterials and no mikroplastik.
Ingredients emmi®-pet ZA
• Aqua - Wasser
• Hydrated Silica – Kieselgel (Siliziumdioxid)
• Sorbitol – Sorbitol (Sorbit)
• Glycerin - Glycerol
• Disodium Pyrophosphate – Dinatrium Pyrophosphat
• CI 77891 (Titanium Dioxide) – Titandioxid (E171)
• Sodium Saccharin – Natrium Saccharin
• Sodium Methylparaben – Natrium Methylparaben
• Sodium C14-16 Olefin Sulfonate – Natrium C14-16 Olefin Sulfonat
• Tetrapotassium Pyrophosphate – Tetrapotassium Pyrophosphat
• Xanthan Gum – Xanthan (E415)
• Aroma
Contains no Gluten, no Nanomaterials and no mikroplastic.
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