Orozyme® Bucco-Fresh Dental Croq for cats and dogs under 10 kg

Orozyme® Bucco-Fresh Dental Croq for cats and dogs under 10 kg

Content: 60 Gramm (£15.35 / 100 Gramm)

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"Orozyme® Bucco-Fresh Dental Croq for cats and dogs under 10 kg"

Orozyme® Bucco-Fresh Dental Croq - Dental care for dogs and cats

To feed at

  • Mouth odor
  • Plaque
  • Tartar

Orozyme Bucco-Fresh Dental Croq is a tasty food supplement to support dental care and oral hygiene. If, exceptionally, the emmi®-pet cannot be used, add Orozyme® Bucco-Fresh Dental Croq as a treat in a food bowl. Unlike other dental care products, the main ingredient, the alga Ascophyllum nodosum, acts through the blood vessel system and saliva. It softens existing tartar and makes it easier to remove.

Already from the third feeding week onwards and with the use of the emmi®-pet, clear improvements are noticeable. Even the bad breath in dogs and cats disappears.

The alga Ascophyllum nodosum originates from natural marine resources, the other raw materials are obtained from organic farming.

Orozyme Bucco-Fresh Dental Croq can be combined with other products in the Orozyme line.

Feeding recommendation for Orozyme® Dental Croq

  • Cats and dogs < 10 kg = 4-8 small Croqs per day
  • Dogs 10 - 25 kg = 2-4 big Croqs per day
  • Dogs > 25 kg = 4-5 big Croqs per day

Give the appropriate number of Croqs once a day or throughout the day as a treat.

Feeding period: at least 1 month

Not suitable for animals with thyroid diseases due to high iodine content.


  • 1x Orozyme® Orozyme® Bucco-Fresh Dental Croq für Hunde unter 10 kg


  • Rohprotein 7%
  • Rohöle u. - fette 5,5%
  • Rohfaser 2%
  • Rohasche 7%
  • Jod 0,016%
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