Orozyme® Canine - Chew Strips for dental care S

Orozyme® Canine - Chew Strips for dental care S

Content: 224 Gramm (£4.36 / 100 Gramm)

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"Orozyme® Canine - Chew Strips for dental care S"

Orozyme® Chew strips - healthy and tasty with healthy teeth cleaning

Supplement and optimize the daily dental care of your dog. Clean your dog's teeth daily as usual with our emmi®-pet If, in exceptional cases, the emmi®-pet cannot be used, give your dog the Orozyme® Canine. The collagen contained in the chewing strips stimulates your dog's natural chewing instinct. This mechanically counteracts the formation of dental plaque, thus fighting bad breath and preventing the formation of tartar.

Dental diseases are one of the most common problems in dogs. They are caused by bacterial plaque. After each meal, food remains adhere to your dog's teeth. An ideal breeding ground for bacteria - plaque, a transparent sticky substance with bacteria develops. After 1 - 3 days the plaque hardens on the surface of the teeth. Tartar is formed, which can cause very painful inflammations of the gums.

The key: emmi®pet in combination with Orozyme® Chew Strips

  • the highly effective patented enzyme complex attacks plaque
  • easy application of the emmi®-pet toothbrush
  • easy application of chewing strips
  • tasty and hypoallergenic; easily digestible, low in fat
  • no fluorides, no additional sugar, no artificial flavourings
  • tested and recommended by veterinarians

Orozyme® Canine: Once a day. They do not splinter during the chewing process, they are excellently accepted because they respond to the natural chewing instinct of the dog.


  • S: for dogs up to 10 kg
  • M: for dogs from 10 to 30 kg
  • L: for dogs over 30 kg
  • 1x Orozyme® Canine - Kaustreifen zur Zahnpflege S
  • Rohprotein
  • Rohfett
  • Rohfaser
  • Rohasche
  • Feuchte
  • Laktose
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